The WWI Issue: 100 Years After

In honor of the 100 year anniversary of the breakout of World War 1, we wanted our final publication to tackle some of the issues that come with remembering the past and how it influences our present.

It is with bittersweet excitement as graduating second years that we present our last issue of Polemics for the 2013-2014 academic year. It was an incredible year for Polemics. Our hard work, cooperation, and team spirit at the magazine helped us make this something extraordinary — greatly exceeding our expectations from the outset. We know that we will be leaving the magazine in capable hands. It is our pleasure to announce that next year Jelena Vićić and Flora Kwong will be taking over as Editors-in-Chief. They have great new ideas and plans, and we know that the magazine will flourish under their care.

We are proud to present our final issue of the year entitled 100 Years After. We wanted to try something unique, and examine some of the lesser-known aspects of the Great War, and highlight the players that are often overlooked in the historical narrative.


Kaleb Warnock and Catherine Hooker