The Gender Issue

Here at Polemics we attempt to discern the thread amongst our world and our peers at the Diplomatic Academy. The Olympic Games in Sochi brought about more debates regarding LGBT and human rights, and we decided to approach the well-worn gender issue differently. In this issue, we try to span the entire spectrum, with personal LGBT perspectives regarding the professional field of diplomacy, women discussing men’s rights, and men discussing women’s. Gender is something that affects us all, and we hope to bring new voices, ideas and opinions to the discussion. Though often controversial, the issue of gender and the professional world is something that we face every day and will continue to face in the future.

Our goal is to pin down some of the aspects of what makes up the “Gender Issue.” It is a subject that seems to evolve so quickly that it outpaces the discourse surrounding it. This edition addresses the international implications and examples of how gender affects our daily lives in 2014, and draws on examples from experiences among our peers.

Again, we hope to be a constructive outlet for the students at the DA, and to help provide our authors, editors, and designers with unparalleled training. We look forward to your feedback.


Kaleb Warnock and Catherine Hooker


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