Ping-Pong Espionage

by M.

After Edward Snowden’s bomb of NSA secrets shook the world in June, the attention was once again drawn to the usually unfelt web of spy networks that entwine the planet. While the scandal seems to be deepening the fissures between the US and EU countries, such rows between Washington and Moscow have, historically, been snubbed out as soon as they flare up.

This regular game of ping-pong began in the mid-nineties, when Soviet spying rings were uncovered in several US cities (the biggest in New York and Chicago), as a few American agents and Soviet nationals were sent out or imprisoned by the Soviet Union for buying and selling military secrets. But if economical and political relations between the two powers have finally made progress, the foreign intelligence presence in the two countries today is said to be just as high as in the most dramatic years of the Cold War, according to The Telegraph and Time magazine among other sources.

Let’s take a look at what’s been going on the board of spy games of Russia and The United States.


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